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Mental Health Institutions in Japan

where foreign languages are available

 last updated February ,2018

The list below has been compiled with the result of the questionnaires carried out by "Group With". We have made efforts so that the information contained in the list should remain as original as that given in the questionnaire.

The organizations listed below provide consultative services on mental problems including those regarding adaptation to different cultures either by Japanese children returning from overseas or foreign people living in Japan.

As the organizations in the list are located mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, please refer to the website in the Appendix in case you need nationwide or further information. Also, we recommend you to directly contact those organizations for further details.

The symbol (M) attached before the name of organizations stands for medical organizations.
“Group With” is a non-profit voluntary organization composed of mothers with living experience abroad. The members intend to help other children and their families planning to undergo similar experiences adapt to foreign culture to enrich their lives abroad.
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 International Mental Health Professionals - Japan(IMHPJ)

Association of international mental health professionals in Japan. Database of therapists available on URL.. Therapy possible not only in Japanese but also in English, French, Spanish, German etc. from Japanese and foreign professionals.  

 Japanese Society of Trans-cultural Psychiatry
URL intends to provide advisory information for those living abroad who go through trans-cultural psychiatric problems. Provides information on medical organizations for mental health problems to foreigners in Japanese, medical information in English and mental health information outside Japan.     

 The AMDA International Medical Information Center

Introduces, in various languages by phone, such as information on organizations where services are available in foreign languages or medical welfare systems. Please see URL for more details.
Telephone consultation: 03-5285-8088 (Center Tokyo)
                                06-4395-0555 (Center Kansai)

 Mental Health Net

Nationwide list of psychiatric hospitals/Clinics where consultation in foreign languages (English/other) should be possible. URL under direct Management of Yachiyo Mental Clinic.

 Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

The questionnaire covering 10 medical departments is translated into 13 languages .It helps foreigners who don’t speak Japanese to explain their conditions to a doctor. The webpage contains information about hospitals where foreign languages are available.


 Web-sites providing information about doctors who speak foreign languages.

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